My Butterworth

Most of the bikes I use and have used in the past have been more retro than modern bikes.

The vast majority of these have been fitted with non-indexed down tube levers making gear changes a bit of a hit and miss affair until you get used to the individual bike.

Motobecane Levers

Well the last week has seen all my leisure rides being done on a Tony Butterworth road bike that was built around a New Old Stock Double butted Tange Cro Mo frame set that must date from the late 90’s or early 00’s at a guess .


I can honestly say it has been a real pleasure to ride and I think it looks the part as well although I’m not sure about the quill stem converter , but that’s a small issue and easy enough to sort if required . This bike has been built using more modern parts than the majority of other bikes I own and ride . It is equipped with Shimano Tiagra Sti units and mechanisms that take care of the ultra-smooth 2 x 9 gear set up along with the Tutrativ Touro crank set and Radius branded brake calipers that look after the stopping power .

Butterworth Tiagra Sti

Ride quality is further enhanced by the use of Shimano RS10 wheels and Vittorio Rubino “ Slick” tyres , these wheels are another nice modern twist to the bike that help its looks no end . As any other good quality steel frame it rides the bumps and lumps of the British roads well .


After a couple of short distance test rides I have stepped up the miles on this bike and so far we are up to 22 miles being the longest ride undertaken . I even managed to dance my way up the last few hundred metres of a slight incline without any issues . I have been well impressed by the way this machine has handled all that I have asked of it .

The finish of the paintwork is a nice deep blue in colour with white decals showing the Butterworth name , lugs are nice short spearpoint style without any lining to highlight them . Rear dropouts have the micro adjusters so you can set them so that the rear wheel slots in nice and straight without too much hassle .

Butterworth 014

This bike would be equally at home as a starter bike or as somebody’s Sunday best machine, the only thing it
lacks is some guard mounting points and then it would be a true all rounder machine.


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