Sales Frustration

Why do I get so frustrated every so often?


I shall tell you why…… , on a regular basis I get an e mail from an on line division of a well-known Cycle shop based in the UK.

I don’t always go through the special offers but quite often I do just to see what is on offer.

So today when the e mail notification turned up in my in box I clicked the link to see what deals they had on Guards. The 3 sets that fitted the bill for colour and size were surprise surprise non stock items …it’s no wonder they were so cheap as nobody would be able to take advantage of such a good offer . This seems to be the norm for this web site .

Now I could do a website offering bits and bobs cheap and then mark them all out of stock when customers want to order them but that seems totally the wrong way to do business to me , but loads of retailers get away with it all the time .

So for today only I am offering a brand new “ What’s it Flopper” for the remarkable special price of £1.99 and that is an amazing 48% saving off the normal retail price , but be quick as stock is very very limited !!!


4 thoughts on “Sales Frustration

  1. You not the first person to note this disagreeable practice…. But you are the first I see to comment on it.
    These shortsighted companies simply lose any credibility they may (mistakenly) have by doing so.

    Guessing here, but would it be a Wriggly or a St Johns corporation??

    I see no reason not to name these deviants & therefore forewarn other potential customers….
    I’m quite prepared to name & shame this type of scam/bad practice on my own website.

    Happy riding.

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