A quick Review

Well after commuting for the last 3 days on a Claud Butler Legend Hybrid/Trekking bike instead of my normal choice ie a retro road bike , I can honestly say I have quite enjoyed the experience .

Claud Butler Legand

Day one’s ride was hard going on first commute mainly down to the excess of other cycle/footpath users, as I left home at about the same time as the local school children did to get in to school for 8.45am along with associated parents and dog walkers. The 3 other commutes on Monday were better as there were a lot less people about on the paths . I found myself leaning forward on to the handlebars instead of relaxing and enjoying the ride . The only issue with the bike was an irritating clicking noise coming from around the crankset/bottom bracket area and an occasional vibration rattle coming from the front mud guards .

Claud Butler Legand

The clicking noise turned out to be a small sticky red plastic label that was attached between the outer ring of the crankset and the chain guard , upon removal of said label it quite plainly said “ Remove before use” so a few years afterwards it was safely removed and so was an irritating clicking noise . The mud guard vibration was also sorted by tightening the left hand front stay , both of these issues made Tuesdays commuting a lot more pleasurable plus the fact I left home slightly earlier to avoid all the foot traffic .

Along with a slight rotation of the handlebars which moved the bars forward a few cm’s but just enough to feel the difference Tuesdays commuting was quite pleasurable as I was more relaxed in my riding position and overall manner . I even found myself riding in a cruising style rather than an aggressive manner .

The return to work ride after dinner on Tuesday gave me my first scalping of another commuter on an old BSO Mtb complete with red rusty chain that squeaked and squawked with every rotation of the crank , I felt like stopping him and advising him to apply some lubrication every so often to his chain but decided in the end not to bother as he seemed more than happy .

An early morning session on Wednesday with a couple of wet wipes has removed a lot of the dust and cobwebs that the bike was covered in when I first got the bike. Not sure that it will help but at least it looks cleaner as I ride along for people to admire . I also swapped the factory fitted saddle for my spare Selle smp comfort saddle for a more cushioned ride .

Claud Butler Legand 008

If I was keeping this bike what changes would I make? I think the only change would be to replace the 700c x 42 “Camel” branded tyres for some better quality 700 x 32c tyres so that the bike would roll along with a bit less drag from the existing tyres which would also help with the overall riding experience . All in all it’s a nice easy to ride basic commuting bike that seems to be well made and although it looks HUGE, it is not that heavy as the frame is 6061 grade Alloy .

I am not sure if I will see the end of the week out using this bike or whether I will revert back to one of my retro roadies tomorrow. I have not decided , but it has made me realize it has been very nice using a nice clean modern bike rather than one of my normal retro older style road bikes

Jim Soens

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