The Difference

I tend to ride the same basic route and depending on the actual distance I am setting out to do depends on where I either turn off or carry straight on .

Somebody asked me over the weekend to time my Sunday am 13 mile ride to see if I was quicker or slower than normal due to the bike I was using !

My intended mount was my Motobecane Super Mirage , normal time for this ride is approx 50 – 52 mins which I am more than happy with no matter which bike I ride along this route . I set off at 06.45 am by the cooker digital display and upon return it was reading 07.37 am so 52 mins for ride is about right .

I actually thought it would be a bit of a slower ride due to the following reasons: bike was equipped with big clunky flat pedals so no cages or clips , a lot wider and more padded saddle than I normally ride with , down tube mounted non indexed gear levers and riding into a head wind for 2 of the last 3 miles and I was riding a semi gas pipe frame rather than a nice Reynolds 531 or Columbus tubed frameset so had an extra 1 or 2kg’s to push around .

Motobecane Mirage

I was surprised in one respect but must admit not in others as I have ridden the same route for over a year now using a variety of bikes from single speed machines to 21+ geared bikes and always seem to be about the same time . One day I will have to try out a carbon fandango machine to see how much quicker I would actually be .

BH Carbon Road Bike

All of my rides are done with no tracking or gps equipped devices hence why I check the cooker clock before and after my ride , I must admit one bike does have a trip recorder fitted but purely for checking distance compared to what Google map says for same route . I also try and ride at a pace that I am comfortable with rather than going hell for leather . The same goes for my attire no lycra in sight .

Soon I shall be able to get my Sunday best Ian May out and give that a blast round and see what happens , now I am not expecting it to be much if any quicker at all but let’s just say it will be a nice ride that should be able to put a smile on my face , as do most of my rides . My cycling is done for exercise and a bit of relaxation from the day to day stresses of normal life .

My First Ian May

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