It Aint Broke So Dont Fix

Why do some manufacturers change a proven product and yet others don’t ?

I can think of two products that are totally different yet one has changed and the other hasn’t as far as I am aware although I am sure the makers could prove it has over the years .

The first item I am going to deal with is the McVities Digestive biscuit which was first produced in 1892, although I can’t claim to remember that far back , I do remember them always been called “TIMMY’S” biscuits in my household for the simple reason that I went to stay with my cousin Tim in my early years and tasted them there and for whatever reason the name has stuck over the following 30+ years . I would also like to think that during that time there can’t have been many weeks when I have not dunked a Digestive into a nice cup of tea and enjoyed the taste and sensation .


Over the more recent years more and more people make their own version of the “Digestive” biscuit and there can’t be many large supermarket chains that don’t sell their own version of said biscuit , and they all taste very similar to the genuine article . About 7 years ago I noticed a big change in the taste of the genuine item and contacted them to voice my disappointment and from what I can remember they replied explaining the difference .

For some strange reason the chocolate variation or any other variation has never really hit the spot for me where as no matter who’s brand they are, a standard plain digestive does and is normally my first choice of a biscuit whenever I am offered a selection to choose from . And I even prefer them over other biscuits when eating with cheese especially if it’s a nice tasty blue one .


The other product that I am saying has had very few if any changes is the Brooks B17 saddle. Yet again I can remember this product from my childhood days and can even remember my parents mentioning them when they talked about their cycling days in the 50’s & 60’s and one of my first road bikes . According to the Brooks website you can trace it back to the 1890’s so well over 100 years . I wonder if any of those early examples still exist anywhere , I am sure none of the original Digestives do !

Brooks b17

Again there have been various other saddle makers who have released similar products , some of the names that spring to mind are Middlemores, Wrights never mind the more modern Spa copy amongst others . My experience with B17’s is limited but I do think they are a nice saddle and loads of other cyclist swear by them so they cant be that bad can they .

With the variations of themes available to cyclists these days it must be a wonder to many a cyclist why or how Brooks saddles are still in existance !

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