For The Grace Of God

In the last 2 days there have been 2 major incidents both involving cyclists and motor vehicles .

Both of these incidents have happened within a mile of our house on the outskirts of Wellingborough and during daylight hours in good clear conditions , from what has been reported in the press the first incident involved a cyclist and a small van . This cyclist is in hospital with possible head injuries amongst others it sounds like he wasn’t wearing a helmet . As the 2nd incident had only happened about an hour before I typed this blog I have no idea of any other details , other than they were still lying in the road surrounded by emergency services as I cycled pass .

Now, the above 2 incidents have made me realize that cyclists should be wearing our helmets at all times , ok they might not offer much protection but they have got to help a bit . A few years ago I had a low speed collision with a loose dog on a cycle path , upon picking myself up of the floor I noticed that my helmet had cracked .


So yes accidents can and will happen no matter how safe we ride but it must make us think a bit more , I know it has me and the first thing I will change is I will ride to work on the cycle path as I am lucky as I can join the cycle path about 100 yards from our front door and it can get me to about 200 yards from the works entrance .

Obviously I can’t do all my cycling on cycle paths but the most of my non commuting rides are done in the quieter hours of the day if that makes any difference . And as per normal a helmet will be worn and lights will be turned on .

Motobecane Mirage

The only downside I can see is that it will seem such a waste riding a road bike on a cycle path , so it might mean I have to get my “olde faithful” Marin Bear Valley mtb out for these commutes and leave the road bikes for the leisure riding duties .


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