Trekking Bike

I Sold a nice Raleigh Royal frameset a couple of weeks ago made with Reynolds 708 tubing , my main reason for selling it was the fact it was only a small sized frame and the market is not always strong for small sized frames so when somebody offered me a good price it just had to go .

I am now left with all the components I took off it as the new owner only wanted the frameset. After using the bike for commuting on for a week I can vouch for all the components being in working order . My first thought is to keep an eye open for a nice Dawes Galaxy frameset from the mid 80’s with canti brake bosses or in fact any other suitable frameset at a very good price and in nice clean condition but it has to take 700c wheels and have a 130mm rear spacing .


In the past I have managed to source some very nicely made Italian road bike frames and my understanding is the same firm do offer a suitable frame to take all the above componentry , so I am awaiting to see what other frames they have to offer me and I might take one of them to build up myself and see what it is like as a day to day “ tough” commuting bike or trekking bike .

1980's Dawes Galaxy

My normal love as I think most are aware are retro steel road bikes and ideally either Reynolds or Columbus tubing to give them a nice positive feeling ride , the other alternative is a “ Tange” tubed frame . So that is my plan reality could be totally different , depending on what is out there on the open market at a good price in nice condition .

It is to be built with either a 3 x 7 or 8 speed set up and possibly controlled by brifters rather than Sti’s mounted on either flat or butterfly bars , a nice pair of 28” wheels with smooth road tyres of a medium (28 )width rather than a wider (42) width with a more chunky tyre tread .

So watch this space and see what happens


5 thoughts on “Trekking Bike

  1. Hi there,

    This comment is not really related to this blog but I have a question for you if you are able to answer would be great..

    Outside my LBS there is a purple dawes galaxy much like the one in this post but with drop handlebars and they stick it outside everyday and when I drive past I always check if it is still there.

    The other day I decided my fascination had gone to far and I would go and inspect it. the frame is fine but I think the components have seen better days.

    Now the point of my long winded story is they’re asking for £289 for it, I didn’t bother to ask if they would accept less as I can’t justify another bike at the moment but I still can’t stop looking at it so I thought I’d better try and find out if the price is right and find the money from somewhere and explain to the girlfriend why there is yet another bike in the garage.

    I have no idea how much it would be worth as although my first road bike is a steel frame I got it dirt cheap as it was a low end cheap steel bike that I stripped down and added new components too (I promise if I buy this bike I would keep it as original as possible, I have learned to love steel frames and their original components since) but since then I have only had aluminium or carbon bikes so have no real experience with steel frames.

    Would you part with almost £300 for it or would you try and bring the price down?

    Sorry for the length of this post, if you have fallen asleep I apologise



      • Ahh okay thank very much, I have seen the email now!

        Next time I go past I shall check out the components, it looks about the right size but I will ask them for a test ride see how I get on with it.

        I am thinking of using it as a tourer/commuter.

        Thanks again for the advice


  2. Chris , i have a Galaxy Tour under going build at the moment should be ready in a week or two . Being built up with a Claris groupset ie 2 x 8 , low mileage shimano rs500 wheelset new tyres etc etc . And yes they make a great commuting bike

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