Makes You Realise

Not sure how many people are aware but 1 week in 3 , i start at 9 am instead of 8 am and on that week I normally try and get out for a ride before going in to work .

Well this week is my “late” week and so far I have not done an early am ride at all , Mondays excuse was I needed to finish off swapping lights , saddle and guards from one bike to another one , so I had just under the hour in the garage doing the above tasks .

Pink Mercian

This morning’s plan was to get up just after 6am and go and do a 11 mile loop ride before coming home again and then going off to work for 9 am , well ok I was awake just before 6 am no issue . I looked out the bedroom window to get an instant on the spot weather forecast and I could see it was drizzling just enough and at that I decided to get back into bed and have a cuddle rather than go for a ride on the bike .


And then the next thing it is just after 7 am and the last hour had passed whilst I snoozed , looking outwards from my lying down position in bed I could see the sky was starting to look a bit lighter , upon getting out of bed and walking round to the bedroom window I could see the drizzle had stopped yes it was damp but not raining . The annoying thing is if I went out for my ride then I would struggle to get to work by 9 am if there was any problem on my ride although if no problem struck then I would should have been home just after 8.15 and that would give me ample time for a shower and some breakfast before trundling off to work .

I know the above is a very lame excuse but it’s the only one I have to offer , it just means my monthly miles are at a low level compared to where I would like them to have been . I will just have to try and get a few rides in as often as I can for the rest of the week and over the weekend and do as many miles as I can .

A cyclist called Steve Abrahams has set out to break Tommy Simpsons record of covering 75,065 miles in 365 days and has to cover on average over 205 miles per day , now that in itself is no mean feat but to do it every day for a whole year seems crazy . I now a lot of cyclist cover over 200 miles a month but to do it every day leaves me full of admiration for him . With just over 61 days covered he has covered a total of 11482 Miles where as Simpson had covered 9542 Miles in the same time span .

Below is a link to Steve’s web site which gives a lot more detail of this challenge , its well worth a look and it made me realise how little miles I actually do !

One thought on “Makes You Realise

  1. Ahhh, un-thrilling weather… we need little more to procrastinate about on those early mornings!

    I find a day or two off per week helps my effort on the days I do cycle… but if I was aiming for a lot of miles a day that would leave a large deficit to make up.

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