Progress So Far

Well its nearly the end of February and so far this year I have recorded a total of 364 cycling miles.

Although this is no great amount , I am more than happy with this figure considering it’s only early in the year and it’s a big improvement on last year’s figure of 232 miles for same time period . My target for this year is a simple one , it’s to improve on last year’s total of 2266 miles yet still enjoy those extra miles . The back bone of my miles are commuting ones at just over 6 miles a day for 4 days a week on average any extra miles are normally done whilst the rest of ours and many other households are still in bed .


As the year rolls on and the weather improves I would like to think I will be out doing more early morning rides than I have been doing just lately . I would like to think a weekly average of 60 – 70 miles a week is well within my grasp especially as the mornings get lighter . At the moment I tend to be riding the same route on most rides but then saying that there are a couple of extensions I can add to the route that would increase it up to 20 miles easily . I have another route ready but waiting till I can ride it in daylight to see where all the potholes are , so I can try and remember their location when I trundle around the next time in the dark .

So far this year I have used the following bikes Ian May the 2nd , Jim Soens , Raleigh Royal , Olmo and the recently sold Hardisty . Well as of this weekend the Olmo will sprout a set of SKS race blades to help winterize it ready to be used as the main stay commuter of the fleet till I either sell it or decide to have the seized seat post surgically removed . With the recent decision that Ian May the 2nd is too big to warrant being kept just for the sake of it along with the re arrival of the Blue Soens back in the fleet with some extra gears to help my weary legs push it along .


The main reason I enjoy commuting by bike and doing some short leisure rides is to help with my fitness level , save money by not using the car as much and also it gives me a good chance to test my bikes before I put them up for sale . After all, I cannot expect to sell a used bike if I can’t say it has been proven and tested . All of the bikes I offer for sale have normally been tested for a minimum of 100 miles by myself over a mixture of short daily commutes and longer early am rides .

Why do I test my bikes before offering them for sale I hear you ask ? Well simple answer is I want my customers to get a product that I know I would be happy to purchase , the majority of any mechanical work that is required on my sales bikes is carried out by Local Bike Shop C E Adkins in Wellingborough who I have a very good working relationship with .

The below Carlton Corsair was taken into them for the bottom bracket , wheel bearings , headset and a general once over before I did the more mundane fitting of new tyres and brake pads and cables where required . It was then used by me during November and December as my main commuting bike . It’s an ideal bike for using as a commuting machine or even retro touring and would be ideal for Erioca Britannia 2015 .

Carlton corsair & Apollo 002

If the above bike is what you are looking for please feel free to contact me on or if not please feel free to advise me of your needs and I will see what I can offer you.


2 thoughts on “Progress So Far

  1. I take my hat off to you thats some mileage, its a shame that not everybody has your approach to selling bikes I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for a bike

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