What do you i enjoy

So apart from Cycling what else do I enjoy ?

One thing for sure is spending quality time with the rest of my family.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days last week with both my partner and daughter having some quality time together , rather than just spending a snatched hour here and another there .

One day was spent on my daughter’s request taking in the delights of The Bullring Shopping Centre , although this was neither mine or my partners idea of a good day out we did enjoy ourselves . We found the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery just a few minutes walk from the Bullring .


The second day was spent at The Cotswold Wildlife Park which must rank as one our most favourite days out destinations apart from going to the seaside . For those who have either never heard of it or even been there it is located just south of Burford in Oxfordshire . We first visited about 4 years ago and have been at least once or twice a year ever since .

Its not your normal kind of Wildlife or Zoo destination for quite a few reasons , the main one being that once you arrive and park your car the rest of your visit is either spent on foot or using the park’s own Train that winds its way around the wildlife park . The park is nice and flat with solid paths so should provide easy access to prams,buggies or wheelchairs so that all can see the animals .


There is a varied selection of animals that range from Lions to Penguins and Rhinos grazing in front of the stately house to the cute Red Pandas amongst many other animals . Our latest visit provided our closest view yet of the Red Pandas as they are normally fast asleep half way up a tree just out of range , but this time all 3 of them were actively moving around their enclosure .

Red Panda

The park also has a nice large area right in front of the house where the Rhino’s wander around , it must be a lovely to look out of a window and see a Rhino or two wandering across the horizon ! We had the joy last year of visiting just after a baby Rhino was born and to see it wandering around with its mother was very nice .


The Madagascar enclosure is real treat as the ring tailed Lemurs quite happily wander around the enclosure as visitors make their way around it , we have even witnessed them coming right up close to visitors and some times they keep their distance from all .

Ring Tailed Lemur

Our recent visit also gave us the delight of seeing the Wildlife parks 7 short clawed Otters being fed by the keepers , again this was the first time we had seen this being done and was also the first time we had seen the Otters fairly close up , such amazing creatures .


So all in all I can highly recommend a visit to this great place , not only do you have the animals to gaze at there are also large areas of gardens to look at some just contain wild grasses whilst others do have some exotic plants along with British native plants

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