Seat Post Drama’s

How can such a simple thing as a stuck seat post cause so much aggro?

I am not sure how many people have actually experienced having a bike which has got a seat post that will not move in any format, some will say that it’s not a problem because it’s more than likely stuck in a position that does not cause them any issues.

Having just bought a bike with a seized seat post, I am enjoying the experience of trying to work out what is the best way of removing it. I can hear many of you shouting why did you buy it when you already knew it was in that condition , simple answer was the sum of parts fitted on the bike are worth more than what I paid for the whole bike .

So my options are

Leave alone and ride or sell the bike as it’s a near perfect fit for me and many others with the saddle at its current height
Keep spraying copious amounts of releasing agent sprays around the seat tube hole and applying gentle pressure in attempting to move it
Cut the post just proud of the frame entry point and cut slots in to the offending piece left in the frame and try and peel these piece’s out hoping that once a couple of strips have been peeled out the remainder will collapse inwards with a bit of gentle pressure
Drill a hole through the seat post just large enough to insert a decent sized rod through both sides and then use that as leverage to try and twist the post around and release the stuck post
Place seat post in a good strong vise and try and turn the frame around using the frame as leverage
Chop seat post just proud of the frame entry point and drill the remaining seized part out using a good hss drill bit the correct size
Freeze as much of the exposed seat post as possible

All the above are ways I have tried in the past to remove stuck posts some with luck have worked whilst others have not

A customer who comes from an engineering background I deal with at work was given a road bike just before Christmas and told me a while back that it also had a seized post , I am not entirely convinced he believed me when I told him that they don’t come out easily . I think he was hoping his engineering background would show through. Below are a couple of extracts from recent e mails he has sent me

“Good morning Martin,
Seat post still fast after hacksawing down the length of the stem, not sure now if i am cutting into the frame, I will keep you informed on my progress.

Best regards “

And this one today

“Good morning Martin,
Another attempt has failed, used boroscope to view down the inside of the post and you can clearly see that the post is cut thorough in 2 places, (traces of steel showing on a magnet) tried to knock down ,shock treatment using a slide hammer, both without success.
Last night decided to contact the seat post man, highlighting the details of my attempts to remove the post, got a quick response, he did not dismiss doing the job, said it may cost more
Because of my failed attempts but would I please send him photo’s, I have nothing to loose
Otherwise the bike is scrap. I keep you informed on developments.

Best regards “

The only option I didn’t list above is contacting John “TheSeatPostMan” who claims a good success rate of removing stuck posts at a fair cost to his customers , now the mystery is how and what does he do to get them out , and by all accounts a lot of the time the seat post is totally useable .

I am in 2 minds what to do with mine and at present I am just enjoying the experience of riding such a nice bike

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