Wind Assisted

As we are all aware the force of wind is hugely powerful

It can be harnessed to produce electricity with turbine farms popping up all over the place much to some peoples disgust whilst others are happy to have them nearby .


Well we are not going to discuss wind farms that is for sure

I have just had my second ride of the week on my newly acquired Olmo road bike but this time I had a tail wind rather than a mixture of head and side winds to contend with and as any cyclist is aware they can be hard work . It was a mixture of joy actually being out on a bike as much as the bike I was riding and it going well .

Not sure but for some reason some cyclists are so reliant upon the weather to make there riding either enjoyable or horrid . I struggle to find the point of going for a ride when the ground is covered in snow or ice and not overly keen on strong gusty winds either mainly .

On my daily commute I normally see a gent of about same age as myself on a rather basic mountain bike and dependent on where I see him he is either pushing it up the slightest bit of a gradient he comes across or quite happily making his way along the footpath , imagine my surprise the last few days where I have resorted to the car due to weather conditions he has been riding quite happily in the snow and ice !!

According to the weather app on my phone the weather forecast for 07/02/15 looks like I should be able to get on the bike for a nice early am ride , my normal route is fairly circular so I normally have a mix of head or tail wind . My chosen stead is still to be decided it’s a choice between Ian May the 2nd , Hardisty or the Olmo

My 2nd Ian May



My current thought is to take the Olmo or Hardisty but then I could take Ian May 2nd , the first 2 are needing some test miles whereas the 3rd one has been tested and proven but does have guards fitted and you are never too sure when it is going to rain !

Whichever machine I choose will give me a nice refreshing ride in the conditions that exist at the time so let’s all look forward to the days ahead where we can all get our Sunday best machines out and really enjoy them

My First Ian May

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