Life of Cycles

Life has its cycles and cycles have their lives

One of my current stable of bikes has slowly been changing since its arrival

Its gone from a 3 speed sturmey archer equipped bike with a nice set of butterfly bars and sprung leather Brooks saddle

Jim Soens

The first part of its transformation was to check that the existing Centre pull calipers had enough drop to line up with a pair 700c wheels rather than the 27” wheels that it arrived with , thankfully they did so a swap of wheels was the first job to be done .

Its next job was a change to a pair of drop racing bars with a slightly longer quill stem this was done without too much trouble along with fitting new brake cables and routing them correctly along the top tube .

Jim Soens

Once all the easy donkey work was done a trip to my Lbs C E Adkins was planned to get the original Williams cottered crank set swapped over for a double non cottered variety along with cabling up the 105 mechanisms and the down tube levers , this work was all completed without any great fuss by the sound of it as usual . Next stage is to fit some pedals and a saddle and start riding it and if need be swap the quill stem over for a longer or shorter one .

Jim Soens

Hopefully the above should start later this week weather and time permitting


2 thoughts on “Life of Cycles

  1. Hi – I’ve been looking around for a Soens frame. It’s for a project for a Soens family member (my mate whose 50th birthday is later this year)

    Thought I’d ask if you were selling or new of any?

    • Hi Neil , i dont have a Soens at the mo , there was a guy in Holland selling one a while back i have his e mail if you want or need it

      other than that e bay etc etc

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