Apart from being a fantastic song by David Bowie

Heroes are a strange thing

A hero could be anybody for any reason as we all see people and things in different lights and ways

Who I think is a hero the next person that reads this might never of heard of them and vice a versa

So I hear you all ask who is my hero , well that’s a simple enough question for me my answer might not be so simple

I think majority of people will name one or both of there parents as one of there life heroes simply for being great parents well I am no different both of my parents have been fantastic role models to me and my sister and all our childern .

My sporting hero would be none other than rally car driver Stig Blomqvist I can remember watching him hurl iconic 1970’ and 1980’s rally car’s down narrow winding forest tracks . The cars involved ranged from Saab 96 v4’s , Audi Quattro’s , Ford RS200 ,Skoda’s amongst many others .

Not only did he compete in Rally’s I also remember watching him on TV competing in Rallycross events from Lydden Hill and Brands Hatch and also the Pikes Peak hillclimb event from America .

saab 96

According to Wikipedia he was born in July 1946 and as you might have already geussed in Sweden . He competed from the early 1960’s driving a Saab 96 and later went on to drive for the official Saab team , his first international victory came in 1971 the last WRC win he is credited with was the 1984 Ivory Coast Rally driving an Audi Quattro , but he competed on international events right in to the new century .


So as you can see from above he has been there and done quite a lot for various people and has provided many an entertaining time for loads of others , so Stig Blomqvist you are my sporting hero


It was rumuored at one point the he was intended as the first test driver on BBC’s Top Gear motoring programme , hence why the programme anonymous testing person is named “The Stig”


One thought on “Heroes

  1. Great choice for a sporting hero, and a photo of one of my favourite rally cars the Audi quattro as well along with the RWD escorts of course . As for a sporting hero I have a few all of them from motorsport both 2 and four wheels and I have been extremely lucky to see a couple of them in action, strangely enough both of them at Donnington park in 1977 I saw Barry Sheene and in
    1993 I was privileged to see Ayrton Senna. But if I had to chose my ultimate sporting hero it would be a F1 driver who sadly died in 1973 at the Dutch GP his name was Roger Williamson I was lucky to meet him a few times, Roger was from Leicester and had started his sporting career in cycle speedway . Being a teenager I was sort of awestruck meeting a F1 driver he was a very talented driver and certainly destined for greatness but like so many drivers he paid the ultimate price .

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