Bike Valuations

It amazes me that I quite often get e mails from people I don’t know , asking me about value and information of a bike they are thinking of selling or just bought !

I feel quite honored that these strangers think I can help them and I am more than happy to help where I can , the information I find is quite often new to me never mind them .

One such enquiry last night was from a chap who sold 2 absolute fabulous 80’s road bikes a few weeks ago to somebody else as we could not agree on price although I realized straight afterwards his asking prices were more than fair , it was just me being a tight are .

The bike in question was a Raffingora with some connection to David Edlin or that is what the seller told him . A quick google search brings up the fact that Raffingora is an area of Zimbabwe and a very successful race horse from the 1970’s who racked up 17 wins from 28 starts in 2 years competing in handicapped races .

So bit more of a search using David Eldin revealed that at some point he was connected to Lighthouse Cycles in Kegworth ,Leicestershire but I could not find that they were still in business today , there were also references to Pedal Power Cycles of Loughborough who do seem to be still trading today . He also looked to quite well known in the Leicestershire / Nottinghamshire time trial fraternity , but was a new name to me .

The bike in question looked superb in the pictures I was sent and for what the new owner paid for it I would say it was one of those bargains that happen every so often .


Later in the night I had another enquiry re a frameset that a fellow bike geek was looking at and wanted to have my thoughts re value on said frameset , it was rather spooky as it was one that had already been bought to my attention as it was a local to me sale . Although it was a good old make i.e. Motobecane and was made of Columbus tubing the seller did admit that its paintwork was not in the best of condition . Time will tell how far out I was but I am happy in my estimate


3 thoughts on “Bike Valuations

  1. Never heard of Dave Eldin or Lighthouse cycles, Pedal power are still very much in business. I had to do a double take at the photo I thought it was the Fausto Coppi I think I should go to specsavers as I didn’t recognise the photo of Fred you posted the other day lol

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