Nature & Cycling

Nature is such a strong factor when cycling

I lay in bed this morning before getting up and I could hear the wind blowing nicely outside , looking out just before I left home it didn’t look to bad in all fairness so off I went on my trusty Ian May the 2nd road bike .

 My 2nd Ian May

As I reached the point of my commuter where I decide to cycle path or main road I could see the traffic ahead backing up quite a lot so I decided to go the cycle path route . The remainder of the commute was easy and no issues just a bit of head wind for last 300 meters .

Sitting in the office later in the morning I could see from looking out the windows that line our office that it was getting blustery with spells of sun and heavy showers as lunch time approached I readied myself for the commute home .

Within the first 100 meters I could tell this was not going to be a pleasurable one as each gust of wind was trying to push me across the road , it came as a bit of relief as I rode past a row of parked lorry’s that acted as a wind block but soon as I cleared them back came the wind .

The actual cycle path section of the commute was nice and easy as I was travelling in the same direction as the wind so nice and easy with little or no pedal effort required , soon as back on the road again it was a balance of riding along and trying to keep the bike straight and upright . It’s hard to understand how a road bike with spoked wheels could be so effected by the wind , if the wheels were disc style then you could understand maybe .

 The last section of road was again fairly pleasurable as I changed direction and found that I had a nice tail wind with just the occasional sideways blow as I rode past junctions and gaps in the rows of houses .

Being a cyclist and not just a fair weather one at that I don’t mind riding with a continual head or tail wind and I can put up with rain and sleet but I don’t enjoy riding in strong side winds , snow or ice .

For riding in those conditions I have a turbo trainer and bike set up in the garage or a car sat on the drive .

Plus I have legs


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