How Long Do You Go For ?

Most of my time spent on a bike is done whilst commuting back and forwards to work , although i am happy with this i do like to go a bit further and longer sometimes .

These longer rides are normally done early in the morning , so they dont interrupt with the rest of the days activities . I am more than happy getting up early so i can get a ride in before going to work or going out at the weekend early and then once done i can get back in to bed with a nice cup of tea .

At this moment of time these early rides are around the hour in length and aprox 15 + miles long , this suits me fine but as winter fades i will extend my rides where possible but again many people will feel they are not worth getting the bike out for .

So how long do you go out for and what time of day suits you best ?

I know some cyclist like being out all day and can cover 100+ miles in this time , just like i did when i was a teenager and went out most Sundays with the Kidderminster section of the CTC .


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