Its All In The Name And Detail

Just how many different makes of bikes are there !!

Fred Atterbury

In the last week I have seen at least 3 new to me makers names on bikes that I have enquired about for sale

Ok so all of them were European brands either still in business or stopped producing in the 80’s .

I should think in the future a lot will all be made in some far off place and just come out the door with a different set of stickers on along with a different selling price !

It is often said that the above is already in operation in the world of carbon bike frames , as these have no real interest to me I don’t really know for sure but it would not surprise me .

The days when a person stands at a frame jig brazing tubes together to create somebody the perfect bike must be numbered to a degree because how many of us can afford to have a bike tailor made for us ? The second hand market still see’s a good selection of these coming up for sale and normally the 2nd owner onwards will ride with the bike set as close as they can to suit there style and taste .

My 2nd Ian May

Many of us die hard steel bike riders are happy with the above because we know that when the bike was originally produced it was done by the hand of a skilled frame builder rather than being mass produced on a production line .

Hardisty Head Tube

The thing I like best is the amount of detail that can be added to lugs and braze ons ie the smaller parts that a lot of people overlook and would normally never notice if it jumped out and bit them on the bum !

Dunelt Frame After Refinishing

There have been a few bikes that have past through my hands over the years that have contained this kind of detail that I initially had not noticed and only noticed it whilst either giving it a pre delivery clean or whilst it was being packed ready for dispatch to its new owner .

Fred Atterbury rr drop out

The one that sticks in my mind the most was a late 70’s early 80’s Claud Butler bike that had no visible labels stating what kind of tubing was used in its construction , the original owner could not remember for all the tea in China he realized the importance of this info but was unsure .

It was only as I fitted foam tubing around the front forks that I could quite plainly read the word Reynolds stamped on the fork blades under the paintwork very faintly and I am sure many other people would not have noticed it at all .


3 thoughts on “Its All In The Name And Detail

  1. Who knows how many different makes existed in the past, and I agree with your comments about Carbon fibre frames. But there is a revival in traditional steel frames although made using modern equipment such as laser cut tubes and lugs of course these frames are expensive but they retain a link to past but with a modern take

  2. Of course not, it wasn’t until I started to clean his frame that I noticed Reynolds 531 stamped into the underside of the chain stays like you said it all in the detail

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