The Effect of illness on a Cyclist

Illness can have a different effect on different people in many ways , below is an example how it affected a fellow cyclist.

Early 70's Dawes Galaxy

The above bike has a rather sad tale attached to it , it previously belonged to a retired gentleman who bought it new whilst still working and used it for a total of aprox 500 miles before life and other things took over his spare time , upon his retirement he decided that he wanted to use this and his 3 other bikes as an aide to getting fitter and enjoying his new found spare time .


70's Galaxy

Not long after he went to his doctors re an undisclosed issue and after several tests he was diagnosed as having a terminal illness and not a long time to live , as you can imagine this came as a huge shock to himself and his family . He put his 4 bikes up for sale as he wanted them out of the way so it was 1 less thing for his family to deal with when the day came .

I turned up knowing some of the above , and was told he had 4 bikes for sale and all were meant to be in “ as good as new condition” imagine my surprise when he showed his 4 pride and joys to me , I was gob smacked by all of them because they were in “ as new condition” and all of them had just been serviced ready for action which had included new tyres,saddles, handlebars and basic service items like brake and gear cables .

As I was walked around the bikes looking at them I was told the full story re his illness and at times the old boy was crying as he told me and a went in to his house a couple of times to re compose himself as we talked and looked

Spread around his garden were 4 British Icons , the Galaxy as pictured above a Dawes Imperial , A Raleigh Randoneur and a Raleigh Pioneer each and every one was immaculate in every way .

Dawes Imperial


After a lot of umming and arring i decided to buy the Galaxy and Imperial as i always liked Galaxy’s and the Imperial was a great sky blue colour . After discussing prices the seller was trying to put a brave face on things but i could see he was getting emotional about the sale .

I came away with fabulous bikes but left 2 behind if i had more room in the car there is no doubt all 4 would have come home with me


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