A Commuting bike

I have commuted to and from work by bike for over 7 years now .

And although its not far the miles certainly add up , I try to commute as many days in the years as I feel safe doing it .

Snow , ice and strong winds are the 3 elements that stop me the most .

I don’t mind the rain and to a certain degree don’t mind the cold both can be overcome with the right clothing .

Weather Symbol

Most of the bikes I have used have been retro style road racing machines with the vast majority dating from the 1980’s .

I normally have at least 3 road worthy bikes at any one time and at least 1 of them will be equipped one way or the other with a pair of guards to try and keep me dry as possible on my daily commute . These can vary from full on guards to SKS raceblades just depending if the frame has fixing points or not .

Lights that have been used over the years have varied quite a lot from a handlebar mounted 3w Cree torch to purpose made Cat eye cycle lights , its only over the last 12 months or so that I have started to commute with 2 different front light units fitted . This is mainly due to increased visability and the knowledge that if 1 should fail there is always the 2nd one .


Although most of the bikes I have used have been road bikes with multiple gears to choose from , I have also used single speeders along with the super trendy “fixed” gear set up . As with most bikes these are mainly chain driven machines but there was 1 period where I used a belt driven hub geared Mercedes – Benz road bike .

mercedes bike

Ths was a strange bike to use in many ways , quite heavy , lumpy ride feel and strange sensation when pedaling under load almost felt like the belt was stretching but once up to speed it was ok . The butterfly bars took some getting use to but there are so many different positions they can be adjusted to as can the gear and brake pods .

mercedes bike

It all added up to what should have been a great town or commuting bike and I suppose if I had done more and more miles on it I might have enjoyed it more , but in all fairness it didn’t do a lot for me so had to go.


One thought on “A Commuting bike

  1. Well I never knew they made bikes, judging by your comments they should stick to making car’s. Still I wouldn’t mind one, then I could tell everyone I had Mercedes, lol

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