Customer Feedback

During the last couple of months i have had some great feedback from customers who have purchased complete bikes or just frames from me .

see these 3 examples below

” best packaging ive ever seen,thank you ” 753reynolds for the below

Unknown Frame

” Great seller. Never seen a bike packaged and protected so well. Many thanks ” for the below

Viner Evolution

And finally

” Thanks for the bike biggs682. Couldn’t resist and took her for a spin for 15 miles when we got home. Ride is like a dream and would agree that the intermittent “knock” is probably the BB. Was more pronounced on the hills. Will be fitting the 7 speed cassette I have, to give me a bit more gearing because it was a tad to high for me.

Off to the LBS tomorrow to get the BB, new saddle and some new peddles so I can clip in.

Really happy.”

Nigel Dean 531c

so thanks to you all and lets hope many more in 2015

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