Some of the Peugeot Bikes i have owned

over the years i have owned a number of these underated french machines , and they make great every day commuting machines amongst many other uses people put them to.

Peugeot Road bike

The one above had been used for delivering take away food in a small town just outside Cambridge and even came with a wooden box built on to the rear rack !!

Peugeot Road bike

The above pic is the same bike a bit of tlc .

Peugeot Road Bike

The one pictured above was put in the sellers shed when his teenage son passed his driving test and then sat unused for a few years .Some fresh grease and cables and away it went as good as new .

Peugeot Road Bike

Above is another classic example of an 80’s carbolite 103 tubed Peugeot touring bike that really do make ideal commuting bikes

Peugoet P6GP

The bike above is a Peugoet P6GP again from the 80’s and was in better condition than new when i purchased it , after some use by me it was sold to be used on Leroica 2014 and completed the course with no issue

Peugeot 500 Competition

Above is a 90’s Peugeot 500 Competition made using Columbus tubing , another nice example of a great bike .

Peugeot Prestige Reynolds 708

And finally a very recent in and out Peugeot Prestige Reynolds 708 road bike .

These are just a few of the Peugeot bikes i have owned and sold in the past few years , due to not being able to find pictures i have not included some others ie my first single speeder and a legendary 531 tubed 80’s road bike

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