Sometime Soon

Sometime in the near future I must be due another classic British Touring bike , as it has been a while since I have found one

The nearest I have got to recently is the Carlton Corsair I picked up a few weeks ago

Carlton corsair & Apollo 002

In the past I have owned a couple of Roy Thame touring bikes and both were great bikes to ride and would have made ideal long distance tourers

Both were made with Reynolds 531st tubing and were equipped with enough brazed on fixtures for all kind of racks front and rear never mind mudguard fixings .

Roy Thame

Roy Thame

Other machines I have owned that were built for touring purposes have included a couple of the iconic Dawes Galaxy’s which really have earned the reputation of being great touring machines . These always fetch good money no matter what condition they are in .

1970's Dawes Galaxy

I can remember looking at new Dawes Galaxy’s when I was in my early teens and this make and model are still going strong today although there have been a few changes along the way and I am sure most owners will have their own favorite version .

The one shown below came to me after the original owner retired it from touring duties to take on the role of general hack machine that was used to accompany his children whenever they went out riding in the park and it even had a tandem tag along attached to it in the past

1980's Dawes Galaxy

Galaxy’s have been available with down tube shifters , bar end shifters and sti’s and a few have been converted to thumb operated levers for use with flat bars . They have also been produced with both 27” and 700c wheels . But I bet most of them have at one point or another been fitted with a Brooks saddle of one kind or another .

Brooks b17

They have also been produced in Reynolds 531 ,631 and alloy tubing to say the least and I am sure many an owner would say one is better than the other , having only ridden 531 tubed ones I can t comment . Original ones came with good old fashioned center pull brakes others came with canti style bikes and I am sure I have seen disc equipped ones as well .

Oh how they have evolved

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