My first road bike was a pale blue Carlton of some description or another way back in my teens when i use to ride on a sunday with the Kidderminster section of the ctc .

Over the years i have had a few pass through my hands in various guises , as far as i can remember 3 x brown Corsairs , 1 x Blue Corsair and at least 1 x complete Pro am

Royal Blue Carlton Corsair

Carlton Pro am

Both of the above bikes were 1 owner from new and lightly used by previous owners. Must admit i have a Pro am frame in the loft awaiting a decision on its future , i cant decide what spec to build to , must admit sorely tempted to go for a nice pr of Sprint rims to keep the weight down but on the other hand also thinking about putting some modern sti’s on it .

My current commuting bike is a brown coloured late 70’s Corsair which rides nicely although some could and would argue slightly to large for me . So we have covered 50 miles on it mainly commutes and a couple of early am rides , it does both jobs well .

Carlton corsair & Apollo 002

The Carlton in pic below is what i presume to be a Constellation model where the frames were chromed to start with and then painted over in whatever colour , they look great to me and many others .


I have been offered the one above but cant really put my finger on a yes or no answer for what ever reason


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