Bringing a Bike Back to life

Today I am going to spout on the subject of bringing a bike back to life

As time goes by different bikes take on different amounts of wear and tear over the years some caused by pure neglect some caused by pure healthy useage as can be seen quite plainly in the picture below of a 1950’s Dunelt from a few years ago .

1950's Dunelt

This bike was purchased from its original owner who quite happily admitted to hand painting it at least once or twice being in his late 80’s I let him off for not rembering exactley how many times . As the bike had lost all its originality over the years I decided to go for a complete refurbish of the frame and had it bead blasted back to bare metal and powder coatded in this fetching orange colour

Dunelt Frame After Refinishing

Once the frame was finished the hard decisions started was it right to rebuild with the same components that were removed or to fit all new shiny parts ?

Before I could finish considering which way to go I was contacted by a prospective customer who evantually made an offer for the frameset that would have been stupid to refuse , so it went off to its new owner .

I am a strong believer that once a bike looses its originality it has lost a lot of its previous life and how do you confirm that it is what you are saying it is , ok pictures of the frame number and any decals stating tubing and Make and model showing original paint and the new paint I suppose go a long way to providing that proof . But what about where a bike is advertised with no proof how do you know for sure that it is what the seller is saying it is . The picture below shows a blue road bike with “ Indian “ logos and decals applied no matter what amount of searching I did I could not be 100% sure what make it actualy was

indian bikes

It was only a couple of months after selling it I was contacted via a cycling forum member who went on to tell me it was a Raleigh r100 that he use to own and for some strange reason he removed all the original decals and replaced them with what can be seen above .

Over the years I have bought and sold quite a few bikes that have lost all the id they started off life with , some I have been able to id but many have eluded me . The bike below was sold to me as possibly being a Mercian but no frame number was visable and certain details were rather not usual for Mercian to include in there bikes

Mercian ??

To me I would rather the previous owner had left it as he found it rather than have it refinished and stickered as a Mercian but hey that was his decision not mine . But if anybody ever asks that the advice I would give


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