27″ to 700c

A while back i started a thread on how it always seems to me that bikes equipped with 27″ wheels ride so much smoother than ones equipped with 700c’s . I had all sorts of comments saying that was because the 1 1/4″ tyres would soak up the bumps and irregularities in the road surface better than 700c x 23’s or 25’s would do .

I was reminded by this yesterday evening as i rode my latest addition to the stable a mid to late 80’s Carlton Corsair on its first maiden outing after having fresh grease in all bearings and a tweak on both wheels to straighten them up a bit not that they needed a lot .

Carlton Corsair

I grew up riding 27″ wheeled bikes so not sure if that has any bearing on my thoughts but no matter what every time i throw my leg over a bike equipped with 27″ wheels i always feel the same be it the bike above or the one below another 80’s machine this time a Roy Thame tourer

Roy Thame

Having ridden 700c equipped bikes for the last year i feel able to make a judgement on the difference between the two specs , yes the wider and lower pressure tyres will soak up the bumps better allowing for a less nervous and twitchy ride but i cant be sure thats the only reason could it be the more relaxed frame angles on older bikes ? Having said that this 700c equipped bike below never feels nervous and twitchy no matter what i throw at it

Single speed Pollard


One thought on “27″ to 700c

  1. I rode a 1970s R.J.Quinn over three winters around the lanes of rural Staffordshire on 27s. Those of you familiar with lanes that mainly feed farms will know those lanes can throw at you over wintertime but that bike handled EVERYTHING that was thrown at it without any problem. I took the cannondale out recently (and its got as large a tyre as it will take) but I still had as few twitching moments that never got on the Quinn.

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