What Bike To Buy ?

Well it always amazes me when I go onto the various cycling forums when I see people start a thread with the question asking what bike to buy ?

And the really worrying thing in my mind is that these people are looking at spending over £500 , and I am sure I f I was in the market place for a new bike and was spending that kind of money I would like to think I would have an idea in my mind .

Ok some of these people are looking at buying a kind of bike they have never ridden before so I can understand they might need some help but they should still have an idea what they are looking for and not just go for what ever tom,dick or harry recomends to them without even trying it


Work has commenced

Well i started the clean up work on the latest arrivals last night by fixing the puncture on the Carlton Corsair and swapping the flats for a pair of Sakae’s finest drops , after a quick evaluation ride all felt well apart from a wobbly back end .

I used the Carlton for this morning commute just to get another 3 miles under its belt , rode well just need to sort out the mudguard to tyre contact that was not there last night . I dropped it down to my Local Bike Shop tonight for them to do there magic on the rear wheel , so fingers crossed .

Tonight i have just de gunked the rear mechanism on the Nigel Dean and wiped the dust grime away from the rear sprocket , wheel spokes , hub and rim .

The quill stem is rather stiff in movement so have given that a good soaking in plusgas and a few soft blow with the wooden hammer handle to try and loosen it up .

I think this one will take a fair bit of cleaning up but lets hope its worth it in the end

2 New arrivals in the stable today

it was an early start for me today as i had 2 bikes to go and look at and if they were half decent come away with

first up was a Nigel Dean road bike that had sat unused according to the seller for 5 + years and looking at the dust and cobwebs i would say its about right . I could see it had full Shimano 105 groupset ie brake levers , down tube shifters , brake calipers and both hubs which look to be laced to a nice pr of Mavic open 4 rims and to top it off a Campag aero seat post with a Turbo suede covered saddle . It will need a bit of fettling but not to much

Nigel Dean Roadbike

Next stop was 6 miles away to find a very original Carlton Corsair that had belonged to the seller late grandad .The only change from original spec is a pr of blue pannier bags and a set of flat bars instead of drops so easily rectified .

According to seller it was used a few times in the last 9 years but not many so again a quick re fresh on the grease front and some cables and of course a brooks b17 will see this one mobile and ready an ideal commuter if ever there was

Carlton Corsair

Two Shades

A good friend of mine loves his Harry Quinn bikes and could not help sharing his 2 latest framsets that he has ready for the next stage of there re build .

The strange thing is that both are painted a lilac colour , one is a French Lilac (pink) whilst the other one is Crayola lilac because Crayola invented it as a colour .

I like brightly coloured bikes and i love these 2

A pr of Quinns

4 Italian Framesets For Sale

I Have the following Italian Made Framesets for sale

For Sale

Viner Evolution Frameset with Oria Cromo ML 25 Main tubes and a Simoncini Pantographed Columbus Bicycle Tubes Touring fork set .

Its a 21″ or 53.5 cm sized frame measured from centre of Bottom Bracket hole and centre of seat pinch bolt . And is 21 1/2″ or 54 cm along the top tube , nice simple lugwork . Blue AND grey in colour that looks like a good polish / t cut would come up well . Some area of paint loss , worse of all on inside of forks .

Takes cantilever style brakes , 2 sets of bottle cage mounts , braze on fr mechanism and a 27.2 mm seatpost .

Fork is an 1″ A-Head type with what looks like an uncut stearer of 205 mm and 585 total length . . 130 and 100 mm dropouts .

Asking £85 for this collected from Wellingborough nn8 postcode or £ 95 sent via courier

loads more pics just ask
Viner Evolution

For sale here is a lightly used Simoncini uc2000 road racing bike

these framesets were produced as team replicas so finished in team red , white and blue colours

some light storage related marks but what can you expect for a frame that is aprox 15 years old

It measures 21 1/4″ or 54 cm from centre of bottom bracket hole to centre of seat pinch bolt hole

and measures 21 1/2″ or 54.5cm along the top tube centre to centre has 170mm of fork stearer that have a total length of 550mm

Frame is built with normal Italian flair as to be expected from Simoncini nice heart shaped cut outs on lugs ,cut awy bottom bracket shell & Gipemme

rear drop outs with micro adjustment and brake bridge .

takes a 26.8 seat post and band on fr mech and has 1 set of bottle cage mounts .

Frame looks very lightly used if at all , i was told it was built up for showroom or display purposes but never ridden and i can quite honestly believe it

Asking £155

Frame is available for viewing and collection from NN8 Wellingborough postcode or could be sent via courier for an extra £18.50 to most uk postcodes

simoncini uc2000

For sale
Simoncini Racing bike frameset made with Columbus Cromor Tubes , unsure of exact model it has a signature on it that i cant make out (see pics) .
Its a 21 1/2″ or 54 cm sized frame measured from Centre of bottom bracket shell to centre of seat pinch bolt with Gipemme drop outs front & rear , cut away bottom bracket shell . It measures 21 1/2″ or 54 cm along the top tube.
Paintwork is a nice red and white fade scheme with contrasting decals that is in a very clean condition .
Internal rear brake cabling along top tube , 1 x set of bottle cage mounts , takes a braze on fr mech , allen key type brake calipers and a 27mm seat post .
Std 130 rr dropouts and 100mm fr dropout .

Asking £155 collected from Wellingborough nn8 postcode or £165 couriered to a uk post code

Loads more pics just ask
simoncini autograph

For Sale

Viner Pro Team lugged Frameset 24 1/4″ sized frame from what i can make out is made with Dedacci zero tubing so nice and light . Paintwork is a nice bright red with contrasting decals and Viners anti scratch finish .

Tubing looks to be slightly oversize to me , cut away bottom bracket shell . 2 sets of bottle cage mounts , fr mech hanger , internal rear brake trunking in top tube , allen key brakes and a 27.2 mm post size .

Slight paint fade on top tube , forks and rear stays but otherwise very clean , just wish it was a shade smaller for me .

Asking £155 collected from Wellingborough nn8 postcode or £165 posted to a uk address

Viner Pro