What is a new Bike

So is a bike new only when you ride it away from the cycle shop for the first time or is as mostly in my case , its when i open the box a bike i have purchased has arrived in ?

I can remember saying to somebody at work a while back i had a ” new” bike later that same day he saw me walk out the building pushing it , and he said to me that doesnt look new to me more like second hand !

Well late last week i had a “new” bike arrive just about in a box . Its multi coloured and is from the 80’s , a Swinnerton with 531 main tubes paintwork is scruffy and has some rust patches . wheels are ex raleigh sprint black alloy rims and hubs good michelin treaded tyres , wheels bearing were done when i got the wheels and since then as part of rebuild i have just done headset brgs and all the cables again . it has a standover hieght of 31″ and the frame is 20 3/4″ from centre of crank to centre of pinch bolt and 21 1/2 ” along the top tube and has a 120mm stem with 170mm cranks 12 gears .



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