How Many Lives ?

As we all know a cat is meant to have 9 lives according to superstition .

Well I think many bikes can get close to that as well

The W Pollard Speciallite in my collection has had a few that I know about in its lifetime

The story I was told by the seller I got it from was that there father had built it from an old frame and forks he had lying around for a female relative to use in a local triathlon , which I understand went well . It was then put back in the shed for a few years when once again it was dragged out of hibernation again for some triathlon action , once this 2 nd triathlon was done away in to the shed it went for what I was told 10+ years which is when I got it .

It came to me with a mixture of thumbshifters and Shimano 105 mechanisms that controlled the 14 speed gear system , I was dubious about it all to start with but my confidence grew as I rode it . It eventually became by far the nicest bike to ride in my collection .

But there was always a niggling thought that if she who you don’t want to visit did visit getting the rear wheel in & out would be a pain in the backside due to it having rearward facing dropouts .

So earlier in the year it was taken off the road to be converted back to single speed , which has just been completed .As can be seen in the picture its by no means finished , it has had a 1.5 mile shakedown ride which went well . It runs the inner 46 tooth ring up front and a 16 tooth freewheel on the rear .

It tips the scales at just around the 8.5kg which is not bad for an old steelie , please keep a look out for more updates as time goes by

Geared Pollard

Single speed Pollard


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