My Riding

I re started cycling about 7 years ago mainly because it seemed such a waste to use a car for my daily commute of 1.5 miles four times a day

Those days my riding consisted purely of back and forwards to work and the occasional test ride around the block , if these were done in the dark it was done mainly using the small cheap bike lights from the likes of Pound shop , Wilkinsons and Tesco’s .

Over the years my choice of lights has got better , for a while I purely used some 3w Cree torches from Tesco’s which were OK but just lacked enough left to right beam spread . And again my riding was mainly commutes and test rides .

Earlier in the year I decided to increase my riding time by getting out early in the morning before going to work if it was a work day . My first rides were short 6 mile loops these have grown now to 22 mile loops with a couple of nice hills included , I am trying to build my miles up slowly but surely .

On average I am up to 60 miles a week which I know is not a lot but it all adds up .

My present choice of Lights are either a Cateye HL350 or Smart Lunar 35 Lux up front and a Smart 1/2 Watt lamp behind , the Tesco 3w Cree torches still get used to supplement the previously mentioned front lights .

Neither are the brightest lights about but they both work well together



One thought on “My Riding

  1. It’s weird how bicycle lights have evolved from huge bulky plastic objects that break when you drop them, into slim elegant and attractive objects. Whilst bicycles frames have evolved from slim elegant and attractive objects into huge bulky plastic objects that break when you drop them

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