Time Travel

Years ago when i first started driving i loved the blue oval badge of Ford and owned several Mk 1 & Mk 2 Escorts from the humble 1300 GT to an original droop snoot RS2000 as i grew up my tastes evolved and owned a couple of Sierra 4 x 4 ‘s which were great cars for covering miles in no matter what conditions nature threw at you on the way .

Eventually my employment in the motor trade introduced me to the delights of Honda’s and Toyota’s along with there legendary reliability . I owned an original CRX V-tec that would scream all the way round the rev counter to 8000 rpm in all but top gear and still returned 30 mpg on average . The Toyota Corolla Gxi was another enjoyable drive that i owned fresh from the dealership where i worked to the day several months later when it was sold so i could use the funds as a deposit on my first house .

I was lucky enough to be entitled to a company vehicle that would range from a Toyota Starlet to a 3.0 v6 Camry estate and many other models in between , i dread to think how many miles were covered in these fine cars .

As years past so did my jobs eventually i ended up for my sins working at an Alfa Romeo – Fiat franchise , boy oh boy they were bad cars , the first Alfa i drove lasted less than half a mile before a warning light came on ! Needless to say i didnt stay there long in fact about 6 months .

So my point is we now own a Ford C Max and over night for whatever reason the time and date display had lost 14 months !







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