This Weeks Arrivals

its been a busy week with a few new arrivals to the fold

1. Is a 90’s Peugeot Competition 500 in almost unmarked condition 59cm sized Columbus tubed frame been updated to include sti’s , shimano rsx groupset . Previous owner had all cables replaced as well as all bearing cleaned and greased , so rides very well indeed

2. Is another 90’s Bike this time its a Hardisty made with Columbus slx tubing , loads of sexy chrome bits ie front forks , rear triangle and upper and lower headstock lugs . Its got extended seat post and headstock as well .
Bit of a mixture of components on arrival as per pic but since pic taken now got matching wheels of a slightly older period than the frame , a more subtle quill stem and a nice set of drops as well .
So far covered about 20 miles on light commuting duties and i must say it rides quite well just waiting for a set of Rubino’s to arrive and then will give it some longer rides and see how it goes .

3. Is an MBK frameset again made of Columbus tubing not sure what to do with one yet , its gone up in the loft till space prevails and i decide what to do , i might build up as a cheapish flat barred roadie i might not
Peugeot 500 CompetitionMBK Road Bike

Hardisty Road Bike


2 thoughts on “This Weeks Arrivals

    • Hi Keith , the MBK is a 54cm from memory whilst the Hardisty is 58cm depending where you measure up to , set in pics for me at 5ft 10″ .

      Any luck on the Carlton pro am ?

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