Quality is more than frame deep

The quality of the Hardisty i have at this moment never ceases to amaze me .

The chromed headstock upper and lower lugs are great to look at as are the chromed front forks and half chromed rear triangle which i fully believe to be chromed under the paint .

The cut out Cinelli bottom bracket shell is a sign of quality surely never mind the way it rides .

Well imagine my surprise tonight then when i dropped the forks out so i could clean and re grease the headset , the stearer tube has the Columbus logo stamped on it …. so i can now say its got Columbus forks

Hardisty's Chromed Headstock lugsHardisty's Cinelli Bottom Bracket ShelHardisty's Cinelli Bottom Bracket ShelHardisty's Cinelli Bottom Bracket Shell

Best Bike

People keep asking me out of all the bikes that have passed through my garage which one was the best one ?

My answer is quite simple but opens another couple of questions like

Best Looking ?
Best Riding Experience?
Best Value ?

The answer to the above questions is just as hard as the original ones as a good looking bike need not be the one that gives the best riding experience .

My personal choice on all the bikes i have owned would be the one pictured below , its an early 90’s B H Stevlo alloy frameset that arrived as per picture and i had no need for any further work other than adjust the saddle and ride it .

B H Stevlo

Packing A Bike or Frame For Transit

This is a question i get asked loads of times , the simple answer is carefully as possible so it arrives safely ready for its new owner to enjoy .

Quote from a customer who said this of my packing last week  “best packaging ive ever seen,thank you”

Below are some pictures of how i do it and some of how others DONT DO IT

Orbit 531 Ready for shipment Orbit 531 getting Ready for shipment Orbit 531 Ready for shipment Orbit 531 Getting ready for packing Wrapped in cling film Wrapped in cling film

The last 2 pics are of a Frameset i bought from a French seller who sent it wrapped in cling film and nothing else , guess what it arrived damaged

2moro’s Bike will be ?

i am lucky as i have a choice of 5 bikes to use when i go riding , and tomorrows lucky mount will be my Hardisty .

It will be its first ride over 1.5 miles in distance but having used it all week for commuting on i think it deserves the open road tomorrow .

A new pair of Vittorio Rubino’s adorns its Mavic Rims and await the feel of the black stuff rushing under them

Hradisty Road Bike