who am i ?

well i am Martin Biggs i live in Wellingborough Northamptonshire . I enjoy bikes well actually i enjoy retro steel racing or racer style bikes , they make up over 95% of my riding .


i also enjoy tinkering with them a bit and where i dont feel confident with the tinkering i let my Local Bike Shop do the work for me , this has also led me to doing quite bit of buying and selling these bikes as well .

i suppose the above started about in and around 2009 although i have been cycling most of my life with the occassional time off due to what ever reason .

My current crop of bikes include the following in a rideable state

current commuter is a W Pollard speciallite track/path framed bike from around the well i am not sure but going for the 60’s a;though it has been breathed on quite a lot over the years its my current favourite ride cant explain why it just is .Image

the .





2 thoughts on “who am i ?

  1. biggs
    I am looking for a Peugeot Team Line 2000 in Columbus Genius and or Neuron
    56×56 or 57×57 Frame and Fork or complete bike.

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